If you want to do business with us come to our shop, call our phone number, send us an email or use the contact form that we have setup here on the website to get in touch with us directly. Even though we accept walk in customers, we urge people to contact us before coming to our store in an effort to prevent them having to wait for one of our employees to free up and serve you. This is especially true if you plan on coming with your pet for a grooming session.

    We’re quite busy at times, and we don’t want to force you to waste time in our shop, waiting for someone to free up and help you out. Our cat grooming, training and siting services are highly sought after, and we have limited capacities, so get in touch with us as soon as possible. If you start noticing mats of hair on your cat, if the cat isn’t behaving properly, or if you are planning on going on a trip for an extended period of time and you don’t want to leave your cat alone, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Contact us and we’re handle everything.

    Address: Exotic Catz, 1376 Rosebud Avenue, Salem, MA 01970 
    Phone: 978-460-5069