Exotic Catz is a cat oriented pet shop in Salem, Massachusetts that’s offering cat grooming, training and sitting services to the greater Salem area. As of late, after constant requests from our customers, we have also started selling kittens of various exotic cat breeds (Sphynx, Maine coon and Munchkin cat so far). Our company has been founded in 2013 and ever since then we’ve been growing and expanding our business.

Exotic Catz team consists of 4 of us. We’re all huge cat lovers who have had cats ever since we were little. After getting proper certifications in pet grooming and pet care and after finding the courage to get things rolling, Exotic Catz was born. Initially our little shop was only offering pet grooming service, but over the years we’ve expanded our offerings to also include things like cat training and cat sitting. Again after receiving requests from people for additional services we were forced to cave and offer these aforementioned services.

Looking back we’re lucky that we did because it has allowed us to become the premier exotic cat groomer on the East coast. A lot of people are coming from far away for us to take care of their pets and we are very proud to be able to provide them with the service. If you are looking for shop that will take care of your cat, either grooming, training or taking care of it when you go on a trip, we’re your man. Get in touch with us also if you are in the market for a new exotic cat. We would love to have you as a customer.