Be patient when feeding your cats – they will eat it, eventually

Many people seem to have this idea that cats are picky eaters, and after getting complaints from people who reported that their cats don’t want to eat practically any of the cat food variants that they have been giving to their pets, we’ve asked around what exactly the problem is. Turns out that people give cats a bowl of cat food, cat takes a few bites and then walks away, and then people are left thinking that the cat food isn’t good. That’s not true at all.

BBe patient when feeding your cats – they will eat it, eventually

Cat’s will eat basically any cat food that you purchase, it’s just that they might not munch on the entire bowl all at once on the count of the fact that cats are notorious “snackers”. By that I mean that the cats will space out their daily meals into couple of dozen portions, instead of eating 3 meals like us humans.

I mean you can hear doctors recommend and there are many diets who promote eating smaller portions, 5 times a day. Cats have seem to taken that to a while new level, and they will snack on their food a bunch of times a day. So if you buy your cat food, give it a bowl full and they don’t take to it right away, that doesn’t mean that the cat doesn’t like it. It’s just that you didn’t pick the right time in the cats eating schedule for it to eat properly. Just leave it out in the bowl, and you’ll see that the cat comes back eventually and the bowl becomes empty. If the bowl isn’t getting emptied after a couple of days, then something is wrong and you might want to try a new type of cat food.

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