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EXotic CaTz

Exotic Catz is the premier cat shop in the East coast. We deal mostly with exotic domestic cats, Main Coon, Sphynx cat, etc. Keep reading for more info or visit our shop for deals.

Exotic Catz started as a small pet grooming shop in Salem, Massachusetts with a focus on giving tips on the care and grooming of exotic cats. Keep in mind that when we say exotic cats here, we’re referring to exotic domestic cat breeds, not something like lions, cheetahs, cougars, or any of the other big cats out there. Since we started this business back in 2013, we’ve also started to sell rare and exotic cat species, that are not easy to come by in the US. With that said, our main business is still cat care and grooming.

We give people advice on how to take care of their exotic cat species, training on how to have them behave properly, and how to play with cats. Cats can be very playful. Here at Exotic Catz, we are all cat owners and we are very creative when playing without pets. For example, I’ve even gone to such lengths as to use a remote-controlled drone to mess with Bilbo, my 7-year-old Main coon. He likes it a lot, but I wouldn’t exactly advise you to try something like this on your cat. They might get startled and run away, while others might try to hop on the drone and hurt themselves on the propellers. I usually tie a small rabbit foot to a long piece of string and fly it around with a drone when playing with Bilbo. I realize it sounds very lazy of me, using a gizmo to play with my cat often reminds me of that picture of a dog owner walking their dog from an SUV, but it’s actually very fun. I know that it might be hard to buy the right drone that fits your needs, and it’s really important not to waste too much money. Unless you’re about to seriously get into the drones business. For all of us who are hobbyists, and want to purchase some simple yet reliable off-road RC car just for fun, I fully recommend this guide by Drones Globe.

Cat sales are a small sort of side business thing that we do, at least up until now. We have a lot of contacts in the world of cats, and people started asking us if we could get them kittens of various cat breeds that are difficult for people to get their hands on. We try to help people as much as we can, and up until now we never really saw the sale of cats as the main business. With the launch of the Exotic Catz website, we hope to change that.

Exotic Catz services

Cat Grooming

Cats are in general neater pets than for example dogs but they still require “maintenance” from time to time. Long haired cat breeds have problems with their hair ending up in what are known as mats. These are tangled pieces of hair which end up sticked over time. If the problem isn’t dealt with in time it can cause a lot of discomfort to your pet, which is why we recommend that you take care of this problem before it’s not too late. Cat owners can deal with this problem in two way, either by using picks and brushes to remove them mats, slowly, or they can bring their pets to a groomer so that a professional takes a care of the problem.

If you decide to do it yourself, you need to make sure not to hurt your cat in the process of removing the mats. Use brushes with teeth that are spaced out a bit more so that they are basically like ice picks which pick away at the har mat until it comes clean off. You also need to hold the hair near the skin, at its base, behind the mat to prevent pain to the cat. Checkout this video for an actual demonstration from a professional pet stylist.

Even though you can groom your cat yourself, we recommend that you leave the grooming process to professionals if there’s an extensive problem with matting. Bring your little furry one to our shop. We have everything needed for grooming, and a lot of experience that can make the whole process seamless. Sometimes when people try to do grooming themselves it can end up with cat in pain, owner in scratches, cat that no longer trusts you, etc. We are here to help you out.

Cat training

Yep, you’ve read that right, cat training is a thing, and we are offering this service to clients who have cats that are not good at basic indoor behaviour. We’re talking things like going to the potty, staying out of places where cats can’t be and behaving properly when in company (both other pets and people).

Training a cat is a very different process from training a dog for example. They are not really interested in pleasing the owner as much as they are in getting their treats. That’s the first thing you’re going to notice if you ever decided to try and train your cat, after previously training dogs. Luckily there are methods that we use which are somewhat successful in getting cats to behave, at least the basics that we’ve mentioned. If you tried to train your cat and failed, come in and try our service. Maybe we’ll have better luck.

Cat sitting

Cat sitting is actually a new service that we launched just a couple of months ago, which is still in pilot stages basically. Just like the name suggests, cat sitting is a when we take in your cat and keep an eye on him or her when you need to go on a trip, vacation, at the hospital, or somewhere else for extended period of time and you don’t want to leave your pet alone in the apartment.

Cats can spend time alone, but it’s best that you don’t overdo it. If you’re going to be gone for a couple of weeks, you should try our services instead of leaving your cat cooked up alone in a house or an apartment. They can do damage, not as much as dogs, but still some damage to your property can be done by a bored or scared cat. Our cat hotel has a lot of space, only the best cat food, plus there’s always people around to keep the cats company. We also use our cat sitting service to help cat training, especially if our training cadets have problems socializing. That way cats can spend time with friends.

Cat breeds that we offer

Here are some of the exotic cat breeds that you can order here at Exotic Catz. Soon we plan on expanding our portfolio so keep checking our store for more info on future breeds that are going to be available.

Sphynx is a cat breed which is characterised by their lack of a fur coat. As a breed Sphynx is a very affectionate cat breed, who gets attached to their owners and likes to play. They are also very intelligent and due their almost non-existing coat Sphynx cat is perfect for people who are suffering from cat allergies.

Munchkins are a cat breed with short legs, and small pretty much everything else. They are a relatively new breed of cats, only adopted as a breed in 1994. Their small stature is caused by a genetic mutation, and even though critics will often point out possible heath concerns, we haven’t had any problems our kittens.

Maine coon is a cat breed that is the complete opposite of the Munchkins. They are one of the biggest cat breeds in the world, with specimens that can grow up to 20 pounds. They are a sociable cat breed, great hunters, which is why they were popular farm cats in the US in the past.

What Our Costumers say

I've used Exotic Catz before and they have been nothing but great with Nibbles, my long haired mutt of a cat. He liked Erica, who was very gentle with him and I'm surely coming back next time my furry friend needs grooming.

Kathrine Keen

Matt, my little munchkin kitten, was bought at Exotic Catz and I can't recommend them enough. They make sure to use only ethically grown cats which is what I like the most about them. They get an A+ from me.

Elyse Watters


If you have a pet cat that needs grooming, a cat that needs to be taught manners or if you are in the market for a new kitten, then get in touch with us with confidence. We are here to serve you.