Exotic Cats - Exotic Cat Care, and Exotic Cats as Pets

We support responsible private ownership. Banning exotic pets doesn't help them; it kills them!

The ability to train is an essential skill for a exotic feline owner.

Modern animal training methods make the process fun for both the animal and the trainer.

Positive reinforcement based methods developed by dolphin trainers get great results on servals and other exotic cats.

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An Introduction to Operant Conditioning Understanding how animals learn will make you a much more effecive trainer. Read more.....

An Introduction to Classical Conditioning Classical conditioning can be used to overcome fear problems and much more. Read more.....

Rough Play Biting in Exotic Kittens; How to Teach Gentle Behavior Exotic kittens are often very rough in their play behavior and need training to learn how to be petted without biting. This article offers training ideas, how not to respond, and the roles declawing and defanging play in controlling (or actually, not controlling this unwanted behavior. Read more.....

Crate Expectations Training your exotic cat to enjoy riding in a crate. Read more.....

Restraint and leash training Teaching your serval (or other exotic) to accept being restrained. Read more.....

Litter Box Training Your Serval Notes on housetraining your exotic kitten. Read more.....

Solving Litter Box Problems Innapropriate elimination is a common problem among servals and other exotic cats. Read more.....

Big Cat Safety, Handling, and Training, by Dr. Bhagavan Antle. How difficult is it to train a tiger? Will my big cat be safe to handle if I raise him from a cub? Can I train my own tiger? A professional big cat trainer addresses these issues and others. Read more.....

Clicker Training a Leopard This article written by Daniel J. Radzeij tells about his amazing reunion in the wild with a leopard he hand-raised, trained, and released.

NOTE: Some articles refer to a specific species (i.e. "Litter Training Your Serval"), but the information can usually be applied to all small exotic species (bobcats, servals, caracals, etc).