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Tigers are one of the most recognizable and charismatic cat species. They are also one of the most powerful and potentially dangerous. Many people who are interested in owning a "wild" cat are initially drawn to tigers. While it is sometimes possible to own a tiger, there are difficulties, expenses, regulatory issues, and dangers that most people don't realize, and in most cases owning a tiger is a delightful but unrealistic fantasy.

Many of the articles below discuss the joys and the pitfalls of owning a "pet" tiger; not from the perspective that nobody should ever own one, but with the view that this enormous responsibility is not something to be taken lightly.

Tiger Articles

pet tiger

Tiger cubs are cute, but they grow into formidable and expensive animals.

Raising Tigers in a Changing World This is one of the best articles I have read on the joys, heartaches, and responsibilities of owning a tiger. Honest and realistic, her article is a must-read. Read Article....

Tiger Magic Karen Sculac's Big Cats of Serenity Springs houses over 60 tigers, and here she shares some words of wisdom with prospective owners. Read Article....

Big Cat Ownership Requirements Good overview page from Wild About Cats. Read Article....

White Tigers; History, Breeding, and Genetics This comprehensive paper traces the history of white tiger breeding in the US, explains the genetics behind this spectacular color mutation, and explores some of the controversy surrounding white tigers. Read Article....

Keetah, A Tiger who "Talked" a Paraplegic Out of Suicide So you think tigers are nothing but killing machines? This article tells the story of how a tiger forged a connection with a man the night he planned to take his own life, preventing him from committing suicide. Read Article....

pet tiger

The tiger is unquestionably one of the most magnificent feline species.

The Aftermath of a Tiger Bite When a non-fatal tiger bite took place at Karen Sculac's Big Cats of Serenity Springs, they became the instant focus of media attention and misrepresentations as the news of a "tiger attack" spread. This account is suggested reading if you are interested in owning a tiger - are you sure you want to take on this kind of responsibility? Read account....

Big Cat Safety, Handling, and Training, by Dr. Bhagavan Antle. How difficult is it to train a tiger? Will my big cat be safe to handle if I raise him from a cub? Can I train my own tiger? A professional big cat trainer addresses these issues and others. Read more.....

PETA Wants fur to Fly Over Two Loose Tigers in North Carolina A first-hand account from someone involved with the aftermath of the discovery of two tiger cubs wandering loose. Read this article for the facts; not the fiction. Read Article....

The Magic of Rick Thomas The highlight of the 2004 FCF convention in Las Vegas was Rick Thomas's stunning tiger show and his moving presentation to FCF members. Read Article....

Tiger Photos

To see tiger photos, visit the tiger area in the ExoticCatz.com Exotic Feline Photo Gallery.

Tiger Breeders

Tiger Breeders If you've decided to take on the responsibilty of big cat ownership and buy a tiger, this listing of tiger breeders will get you started.View List....

Tiger Websites

Link: Tiger Subspecies This article explores the different tiger subspecies and provides some nice photos. Read Article....

Big Cats This link will take you to a website that provides a good overview of some of the things to consider before getting a tiger or other big cat. Read Article....

tigers with monk

You remain responsible.. Forever...
For what you have tamed.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Thank you to all the Oregon legislators who opposed HB 3437 and all of you who took the time to write your legislators in opposition on this FAILED ban bill!

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