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African Servals

pet serval

My serval Sirocco as a kitten

Servals are a small cat species native to Africa, bred domestically and raised as pets. This site provides realistic, balanced information serval care, behavior, temperament, training, declawing, equipment, raising serval kittens, why exotic cat ownership should not be banned, and more. Whether you are considering inviting a serval into your life or already care for one, this site has the most comprehensive information you'll find about these cats on the internet.

I live with Sirocco, a male African Serval. He is “The Sweetest Wildcat.” This little spotted creature has stolen my heart, and his affectionate head butts and loud purr inform me beyond a shadow of a doubt that my love is returned many times over. I can’t help but stare at this beautiful animal that I would feel privileged just to be able to touch and marvel at the fact that he’s curled up at my side, or racing in from his outdoor play area to greet me. There is nothing like the intense bonds that form between humans and these tame wild cats.

When I was researching servals, I had many questions about them and their behavior. Ironically, the only real information some sites have is "Find out all you can about servals before making the decision to get one." This site is here to fill that void.

Basic Serval Information An overview of serval habitat, range, size, lifespan, diet, and similar charictaristics. See article...

Serval Behavior and Training Articles

pet serval

Sirocco on his bed.

Note: Additional information on exotic cat behavior and training can be found in our behavior area.

How Do Servals Differ From Domestic Cats? Servals are like domestic cats on speed! Read More....

Living With a Serval Get an up-close look at what life with an exotic cat is really like! Read More....

Can Servals be Litterbox Trained? Find out here. Read More....

Servals and Kids Some of the varying opinions on the compatibility of servals and children. Read More....

Interactions With Other Pets Will your serval get along with other household pets? Read More....

pet serval

Sirocco in his outdoor enclosure.

Servals in Suburbia A website visitor asked if it would be possible to own a serval in a suburban neighborhood. Read More....

Are Servals Solitary Animals? some scientists say so, but the servals beg to differ. Read More....

Coping With Spraying and Litterbox Problems Often exotic cats simply aren't reliable in their bathroom habits no matter how hard you try to train them. So how do you accomodate your cat without leaving your house smelling like a third world bathroom? Read more.....

Serval Care Articles

pet serval

Sirocco sleeping with his head resting in my hand

Note: Additional information on exotic cat care, diet, and bottle feeding can be found in our care area.

Serval Diet and Feeding Learn what servals eat and how to provide a proper diet. See article...

Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements Choosing the proper supplementation is critical to your serval's health. Servals fed the reccomended raw meat diet REQUIRE nutritional supplements. Read More....

Feeding Serval Kittens Learn about bottle feeding and weaning serval kittens from guest author Janet Syperda, an experienced breeder. More bottle feeding and weaning articles can be found in the Care section of this site. Read Article....

Serval Veterinary Care An overview of serval veterinary care including blood values, anesthesia, and vaccinations. More information can be found in the Care section of this site. Read More....

Serval Photos and Videos

To see serval photos, visit the serval area in the ExoticCatz.com Exotic Feline Photo Gallery.

Serval Videos Some great video clips of a pet serval playing, eating, and retrieving. Large file sizes. Read More....

Additional serval photos can be found in Aluarose's photo album.

Serval Breeders

Serval Breeders If you've decided to take on the responsibilty of exotic cat ownership and buy a serval, this listing of serval breeders will get you started.View List....

Other Serval Information

pet serval

The ever-flexible Sirocco grooming himself.

Declawing Declawing is a commonly reccomended practice in exotic cats, but this extremely inhumane surgery (amputation of the first digit of every toe) can cause long-term health problems. Please read this before you declaw your exotic cat or purchase a declawed kitten. Read Article....

Sugarmint, Loving Surprise Bob Turner was surprised when their serval Peppermint presented them with a beautiful baby kitten, but was baffled when Peppermint "gave" them the kitten at 11 days. He later discovered that Peppermint's milk had dried up, and she had entrusted her kitten to them to save its life. A very touching and useful story. Read Article....

Loose Serval Recovered Safely The diary of a family's efforts to find their beloved serval, who had been maliciously released. This heartwrenching story details their ultimately successful efforts to locate Raja and the joy of her reunion with her family. Read Article....

What if I Have to Find a New Home for my Serval? Don't do it! Servals suffer horribly from being dumped by their beloved owners. Read More....

Serval Websites

Servals.org For Serval Information, Education, Legislation, Rescue/Placement, And Fun!


You remain responsible.. Forever...
For what you have tamed.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Updates and Alerts

pet serval

A public thank-you

Thank you to all the Oregon legislators who opposed HB 3437 and all of you who took the time to write your legislators in opposition on this FAILED ban bill!

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