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Bobcat Enclosure

Construction Materials: Chain link kennel panels

Size: 200 square feet, 10' wide x 20' long, plus peremeter fence


The enclosure itself is 200 square feet. 10 feet wide by 20 feet long. I was a bit concerned that it wasn't big enough ( I worry about these things, just ask Terri ) The perimeter fence exntends out 4 feet from the sides of the enclosure. So the entire area covered by the enclosure, with the perimeter, would be 18 feet wide by 24 feet long. Since the enclosure sits right up agaisnt the house, there was no need for a perimeter along all 4 sides.

After it was done, I was telling Terri I wish the whole enclosure could be this big I could have made it bigger, but not in the area I have it. I was going to put it out further away from the house, but I wouldn't have been able to see Nakoma from the inside.

The enclosure itself did not take too long, they are those 10 x 10 heavy dog kennels. I put 2 together, end to end, and also got a few extra panels and used them for the top and one panel as part of the perimeter fence with the door. The perimeter took longer, because I had to dig post holes and cut wood. All this was done with NO power tools, except for drilling and to drive in the screws. Talk about a workout in this hot weather.

I do not have a truck, so I couldn't drive too far to get the wood. I had to go to a lumber store that was pretty close by, instead of going to Home Depot or other place like that. Yes, I did do it myself ( I amazed myself ) but I did need Terri's help to put the top on and to help with the kennel panels. You almost need extra arms to hold the panels in place while bolting them together. I also put her to work using the saw many times

As for the total hours. We had the enclosure built before Nakoma came home. That just took a couple days. It took a little while for the enclosure, because the enclosure is actually 2 levels. Part of it sits on a deck area and the rest is on the grass. So, I had to build a frame for the other panels in the grass to sit on. This frame was made out of 4x4's. I also drilled holes in the 4x4's and drove rebar through them to hold the 4x4's in place.

I started the perimeter fence at the beginning of July, the 2nd or 3rd and had it complete by the 22nd, excpet for covering the perimeter. That isn't really needed, but it is something I want to do. I could have had it done sooner, but with the heat and the fact that it would be sunny all day while I was at work, but as soon as I would get home and get set up to work on the fence, the thunderstorms would roll in. I didn't think it would be a good idea to be standing that close to chain link fencing while there was that much lightning.


The costs for everything has been a little over $1,300. This includes the kennels and extra panels, all the wood, concrete for the post holes, the perimeter fence (welded wire) 2 sun block tops, all the hardware, 2 locks for the gates. I did get a deal too. When I ordered the kennels, the store called me to state one of them was damaged. I asked, how bad. They told be some of the poles had dents in them, so they could not sell it to me like new. I looked at it, the damage was very very minor, with just 2 poles being bent a little, which I was able to straighten out. I used these panels for the top. They took $200 off the cost. I said heck, I am no fool, I will save that $200. Again, the damage was very minor. I am very picky about these things. I am sure depending on where you live, you may be able to save on the wood.

Future Plans:

I plan on putting in a cat door, that will allow Nakoma to come inside a secured room of the house. It is a laundry room just off the kitchen, about 9 feet x 9 ffet, so this will give him additional space. I will make a door so he can not come into the rest of the house for now and Amber and Boris will be able to socialize with him from inside. He has never been sinde a house before, so I do not know how he will react. However, he does sit on his platform looking in the window watching us inside. I also need to add more items for him inside like more catwalks and things like that.

Part of the whole enclosure and the perimeter fence.

A view of the perimeter.

We can walk out this back door into the perimeter area.

The double door entry.

Detail view of bottom

Lounging platform

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