Exotic Cats - Exotic Cat Care, and Exotic Cats as Pets

Banning exotic pets doesn't help them - it kills them!

Every person who drives a motor vehicle subjects themselves and their family to a risk three times greater then does someone who owns even a large exotic cat such as a tiger.

Exotic cat ownership is already regulated on federal, state, and local levels.

Banning does not stop cruelty - the most horiffic recent exotic cat abuse case took place in California, where exotic pet ownership is strictly prohibited.

Animal rights groups are pushing bills that ban keeping exotic pets - but allow fur farms to breed and slaughter them. These groups care about their agendas - not animals!

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Should exotic cats be legal? Absolutely. The current lobby to outlaw people's exotic pets is fueled by miconceptions and special interests. The truth is that banning exotic animals results in pets being seized from their loving owners. Sometimes these animals are destroyed; the more fortunate are placed in sanctuaries to live out their lives in cages, causing a huge strain on the nations' limited sanctuary space. How would you feel if your family pet was outlawed? Please think for yourself and learn the real facts in the articles below.

What Happens When Exotic Pets Are Banned The heartbreaking story of a serval seized from his home. Read More....

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Save Sandy's Animals Sandy Reynolds, a USDA licensed owner, had a number of exotic animals seized by the Pa Game Commission due to alledged permit violations. One of her animals, a wallaby, died shortly after the confiscation. A judge ruled in her favor and she was found not guilty on all charges, but she is still fighting to have the confiscated animals returned.

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Behind the Scenes of a Ban Bill There must be logical, realistic reasons for sponsoring a bill to ban exotic cat ownership, right? Dream on - this insider view shows just how idiotic the process can be. Read More....