Exotic Cats - Exotic Cat Care, and Exotic Cats as Pets

Banning exotic pets doesn't help them - it kills them!

Every person who drives a motor vehicle subjects themselves and their family to a risk three times greater then does someone who owns even a large exotic cat such as a tiger.

Exotic cat ownership is already regulated on federal, state, and local levels.

Banning does not stop cruelty - the most horiffic recent exotic cat abuse case took place in California, where exotic pet ownership is strictly prohibited.

Animal rights groups are pushing bills that ban keeping exotic pets - but allow fur farms to breed and slaughter them. These groups care about their agendas - not animals!

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The Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance (SAOVA) SAOVA's members study political candidates in all states to identify those who understand and resist the AR threat as well as those who are in the pocket of the Animal Rightists. Read before you vote! This may prove somewhat controversial depending on your stance on hunting, but I will provide it for your information.